Everyone’s Nervous Their First Time …

If you look back to the history of each day, I believe many times you can get a glimpse of what's to come. For example ...

1783 England and the US finally ended the "hostilities" between them

1789 Both George Washington and John Adams were voted in President and VP

1960 NASA was founded, and the beginning days of The Beatles

1968 The Beatles recorded "Across the Universe"

1971 Rolls Royce went bankrupt due to a bad agreement to supply airplane engines to Lockheed Aircraft

2008 The Media Junkyard Website is finally up and running and NASA broadcasts "Across the Universe" into outer space.

If you ask me, It seems as if Feb 4th should be held in a place of greatness. So here it is, our first entry ... The website is finally up and running, Rob and I couldn't be more excited. Here I sit listening to The Beatles in honor of their greatness, Ep 15 of our podcast is in the can and I can only look forward to great things we have planned. I apologize that this entry is going to be nothing more then a hodge podge of information. We will try to post here as often as we get some great media news info, or just some entertaining stories.

Tomorrow is the Giants Parade in lower Manhattan. Rob and I will be in attendance and posting pictures as quickly as we can, either via our phones or as soon as we can get to a computer in the afternoon. Make sure to check around 2ish for the pics.

There are a lot of rumors floating around about the writers strike. The trades are buzzing that it could be over as soon as this week. Once the head of the WGA and the AMPTP come to an agreement the next step is for the WGA to send out ballots to all of its members. The members then vote on it, and if the majority of its 10,000 members agree then a new contract is complete and the strike will be over. As soon as this happens Rob and I will be sure to release a Stray Dog Eps to let you know the details of the agreement.

I think that about wraps it up. Was it good for you? Everyone gets a little nervous their first time releasing their thoughts into the wild blue yonder of the internets. We hope you enjoy the site! Check out the links and the forum and let us know what you think!

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