Fuse Upfront With Special Guest Wyclef Jean

     Rob and I have been trying to make sure that as Upfront Season continues on you are able to get some cool insider info.  Let me just say that as far as upfront parties go the Fuse party brought the thunder upon us all. 

     The Fuse party was back at Espace on 42nd.  We were there last for The Weather Channel upfront, where we were "shushed" and ate odd noodle off of grass (see earlier post for details).  We walked into the packed venue and found that the space was completely different.  There were models in bathtubs blowing bubbles (insert joke here), and the main bar was an ice sculpture carved out to look like speakers with real wiring inside.  In the main room there were windows suspended from the ceiling and an artest creating a mural on the wall.  The food situation was a little bleak but the drinks were plentiful.  The waiters and waitress (who apparently were also part time models) passed around trays of champaign with rock candy, these odd blue drinks which were painfully easy to drink and ring pops.  A warning to all reading this, combining those two drinks, beer, along with a few Grey Goose Pineapples is a dangerious combination. The masses were also given pairs of the "Kanye" sun glasses. 

     The main event of the evening was special guest Wyclef Jean who was sporting the newly shaven head look.  Wyclef rocked the house playing a mix of old and new matericals.  Midway through his set he had his sister share the stage with him to sing a very emotional gospel song.  Wyclef decided that he wanted a Long Island Ice Tea so his large scarey looking security guard lifted him on to his schoulders mid song and carried him over to the bar.  Towards the end of his set he reached out and grabbed our favorite Jewish friend Ms. Amanda, and pulled her on stage to dance with him.  All in all a good time was had by all, some more then others.  As the night wound down, Fuse was kind enough to get streach hummer limos for us all so that we would safely make it to our destinations.

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