NY Comic Con Disney Panel

Disney hosted a panel at this Comic Con the weekend of April 20th. The panel was broken down into two major pictures Disney has coming out this year. The new Pixar film Wall-E and The Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian. No pictures or video footage was allowed to be taken during the panel but the full audio of the panel is below.

Wall-E like most Pixar films is jam packed with amazing animation. The film itself seems to have very limited dialog with the film surrounding a small trash compacting "appliance" named Wall-E and his mis adventures. It was described as "what would happen if there was no one left on earth and someone left one of their appliances still on." Wall-E's adventures bring him to meet a bunch of friends including his cockroach friend, Eva and Mo.

The Prince Caspian portion of the panel was mostly a Q&A with Ben Barnes who plays the title character, William Moseley - Peter Pevensie, Trumpkin who is a new character in this film portrayed by Peter Dinklage, and also producer Mark Johnson. They made the announcement of when the third Narnia film will be released and they answered questions from fans of both the film and the books.

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