NY Comic Con Lucasfilm/Lucasarts Panel

The second major panel held in the main theater over the weekend was the Lucas Film Panel which was led by Steve Sansweet. This panel covered a wide array of projects Lucas has been working on. No pictures or video footage was allowed to be taken during the panel but the full audio of the panel is below.

Star Wars was the first topic of discussion they showed clips from new Star Wars video game: The Force Unleashed they also played some interviews pertaining to the creation of the game. Next Sansweet brought out Seth Green and Matthew Senreich the creator of the Robot Chicken: Star Wars special. The interview with Seth and Matt, tells of the origins of both Robot Chicken and how they came to create the Star Wars special. Finally Sansweet showed clips of the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars film. He also spoke about the series that will air on Cartoon Network and TNT shortly after the movie release.

Sansweet then went on to talk about the Indiana Jones franchise including: The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Lego Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones has another series of DVD's releasing soon, they are also planning on releasing a special edition of the original Indiana Jones films. They showed footage of Lego Indiana Jones and the trailer for the upcoming Indiana Jones film.

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