Episode 33 – Ska-Dush!

Holy Coattails, MJphiles! There's a whole lot of junk going on...and with our special guest, Erica, the junkyard just got sillier and cuter--and that's all included for the price of Free.99, ya'll!

In the kid's meal this week:

Pandora Lives Another Day! | New DS | Bros before Hoes (Scholastic Pulls Bratz books) | AC/DC Rock Band | New Disney and Marvel flicks | And Much More!!

It's mo' cool, mo Junk on Media Junkyard!

AHOM! (As Heard On Media Junkyard)


Check out these great websites and articles that we talked about on the show:

Contact Richard Robinson at Scholastic, Inc. to push for the removal of Bratz brand from Scholastic book fairs:

Richard Robinson, CEO

Scholastic, Inc.

557 Broadway

New York, NY 10012


Missed a show that we mentioned and want to be hip, cool, and with it?

Surf The Channel

Meet your favorite MJ hosts and bare witness to their inability to act cool when surrounded by ghouls at Manhattan's premiere haunted house, Blood Manor, on October 25th at 7PM.  Come early and avoid the long, long wait!

For more information and tickets, visit Blood Manor

We're going on vacation for the next two weeks, but that doesn't mean you're going to go without your Junk! Oh, no, we're here to keep that much needed supply going, so stay tuned for more juicy on-the-road tidbits from your favorite, slightly disorganized, but aesthetically pleasing Yard!

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