Episode 34 – Four Finger Gestures

We're back.  And, damn, we missed you.  So, to show you how deeply we feel about you, we're sending you a care package of all things MJ-a-ful.  Don't worry about pretending to be moved by that Hallmark card, with that sorrowful, doe-eyed bear (gripping a bouquet of questionably fresh flowers, no doubt) that says, "I Wuv You Beary Much." Oh, no.  There's no freakin' room for that crap.

Sealed with a kiss from MJ this week:

Beatles Rock Band | Marvel & DC Movie News | Ninja Scroll on the Big Screen | Bioshock 2 Trailer| Rob's MacBook Pro and T-Mobile G1 Reviews

And, hey, MJphiles, you best have voted!! We know you'd much rather move to Sweden or Amsterdam, but America is (kinda) cool too, and, really, there's no place like home.  So we hoped you elected the best Man-Behind-The-Curtain and not (another) Scarecrow...because no matter how many diplomas that dude has, he's really just an idiot.  And you can't click your kicks three times to start over.

You're not in Kansas anymore on Media Junkyard!

AHOM! (As Heard On Media Junkyard)

Check out these great websites and articles that we talked about on the show:

We're fanboys and gal here at MJ and we know you are too!  So, of course, you're dying to see the new Watchmen teaser trailer.

Happy Belated Birthday, IMDB!!

Oh, how we love and adore you. If you knew how many hours per day, per month, per year we spend on your site.  You have changed our lives and we are indeed enriched and full.

The Great MJ Giveaway!

We're all about the free.99 here, so we're giving away 2 lovely albums:

- Viva la Vida by Coldplay

- The Block by New Kids on the Block

Just email us or call the MJ phone line with a question, comment or whatever else! Specify which album you'd want, the first two lucky listeners who contact us win! Make sure you include your name and address because we're not Moloch, guys, c'mon.  We promise not to show up at your house at 3am...unless you want us to.

Get in the Yard!

Wanna be a guest host on Media Junkyard? Send us an email to sign up!

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