Looking Back to Move Forward

     Last Night Rob and I recorded episode 38 (it should be up sometime today) the first show of the New Year. We got a really warm, heartfelt Holiday / New Years Message from Kelly Jo and it really made me think about '08. I just wanted to take a moment and look back at the year, before we begin the long haul of 2009. A lot occurred in 2008, we got the website up and running, had our first vid-casts, some minor structural / organizational changes and we finally stepped out of our cave and got involved with the podcasting community. (The Vid Casts were actually an Idea suggested to us by Colleen from MetroBuzz while we recorded the Podcast Trivia Challenge.)

     Over all we met and connected with a lot of great people. Behind the scenes Rob and I both went through good times and bad, through it all the community on the forums and twitter were always there to back us up. I just wanted to say Thank you to all of the good people that have crossed our paths this past year. Everyone has really helped form our show into what it has become today.

     Looking ahead to 2009, we have a few ideas that are beginning to take form. Rob and I are going to continue inviting people to guest host. We have some great people lined up for '09 kicking off during episode 39 with Chris from Boston. Also making appearances in '09 will be Sue and Robin from Trivia War, as well as listener Rob.

     2009 can hold limitless possibilities, on the down side there is potential for a SAG strike, and analysts believe that the country will continue to be in recession for another year. On the up side, as of Jan 20th we will have a new leader who is inspiring hope in the country. I wanted to leave everyone with a paraphrased statement that John Norton from MetroBuzz made during Trivia War's 12 Days of Christmas "This year universally was a tough year, 2008 isn't going to be on anyone's list of best year's ever, forget about the tough year, we are hopefully heading in the right direction now, it's a new day think of '09 as a brand new day, forget the past and it's time to start something new."


  1. kellyjo562 says:

    Your welcome for the message I sent it out to my podcast friends because you guys are just so awesome. Also that message was awesome as well. Here's for 2009 to suck less 2008 and for even more
    silliness and for many shinanigans! oh by the way my mom saved yet another cat I think she is a kittenholic. Would one of you like to mediate the intervention?

  2. kellyjo562 says:

    *suck less than

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